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Plenary Speaker


Pr. Rudolph Marcus, California Institute of Technology, USA

Nobel Prize 1992

Recent Developments in Transfers of Electrons and other Transfers

keynote lecturers

T1: Single Molecules & Large Area Molecular Junctions


 Prof. R. McCreery, University of Alberta, Canada,

 Photocurrents and Photoemission in All-Carbon Molecular Electronic Junctions


Dr. C. Nijhuis, National, University of Singapore, Singapore

Transition from Direct to Inverted Marcus Regions in Highly Efficient Molecular Diodes



T2: Organic Electronics and Spintronics


 Prof. D. Frisbie, University of Minnesota, USA

Imaging Defects and Electronic Disorder in Organic Semiconductors


 Dr. V. A. Dediu – ISMN-CNR, Bologna, Italy

Interface as key unit in molecular spintronic devices


T3: Organic Optoelectronics & Photonics


 Prof. N. Koch, Humboldt University, Germany

 Energy levels at interfaces with organic semiconductors: Fermi level pinning, doping, and heterogeneity


 Prof. A. Hagfeldt, EPFL, Switzerland

The Versatility of Mesoscopic Solar Cells


 T4: 2D materials, Nanotubes & Nanowires


Dr J. Coraux, Néel Insititut, France

Hybrid (spin)interface between a 2D material and a metal


 T5: Self-Assembly & Supramolecular Architectures


Prof. S. De Feyter, KU Leuven, Belgium

Functionalization of 2D materials: a molecular approach


Prof. A. Credi, University of Bologna, Italy

Processing signals with (supra)molecular devices and machines


T6: Scanning Probe Microscopies & Near Field Approaches


Prof. J. Barth, Technische Universität München, Germany

Probing vibrational excitations and switching at the molecular level 


 T7: Molecular Theoretical Modeling


Dr. S. Sanvito – Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Constrained density functional theory: a versatile tool forstudying charge dynamics in organic materials


Dr. C. Barreteau, CEA Saclay, France

Concepts and modelling tools in molecular spintronics


T8: Bioinspired Approaches & Biomimetic Devices


Prof. Luisa Torsi, University of Bari, Italy

Single Molecule detection of Markers with a Label-free bio-electronic sensor


Prof. M. Berggren – Linköping University, Sweden

Organic Bioelectronics – Nature Connected




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