Abstract & Deadlines

December 17th 2018: Day1/Opening of ElecMol18

December 20th 2018: Day 4/Closing of ElecMol18

Important note:
Only the completed registration with payment received will be considered for Oral presentation


Instructions for Oral Presenters 

Oral presenters are requested to bring their presentation as a PowerPoint 2003/2007 file on a memory stick, and ensure that it is transfered to the display computer before the session starts. 

Keynote Lectures are scheduled to maximum 30 min discussion included, Invited lectures are 20 min discussion included and normal oral contributions are either 20 min or 15 min discussion included. 

Instructions for Poster Presentations 

The size of Posters should be 120cm (height) X 90 cm (width) A0 format


Please use the following template to submit your file 
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